Update from the Chairman

Dear Members,

What we had hoped was that our activities would be curtailed for only a few weeks.  What has emerged is a devastating set of restrictions that have prevented any of our popular events proceeding and have killed off for the foreseeable future our corporate events where politicians and other high profile speakers would engage with the business community here in Manchester (usually at the Midland Hotel).

We very much remain involved and active on issues such as planning concerns and we take up matters where we can for people.  One gentleman came to see me where a large national retailer refused to take his cash because of fear of infection.  Since the World Health Organization had pronounced that cash was entirely safe and as with handling mail no restrictions should be placed upon handling cash I took this matter up with the management.  I am pleased to report the company concerned started taking cash again and the gentleman concerned, who has a slight disability preventing him having digital cash, was delighted to return and use cash for his purchases.

On the last topic the WHO have said that cash is cleaner than a chip and pin card and of course it is important to defend cash as without it we could be over tracked and traced as well as paying for every transaction—we would be ‘captives’.

I have rung members and particularly older members to try and keep in touch and I am at pains to point out we are available for contact from the public.

I wish you all well and hope your lives are not too sadly blighted at this difficult time.

Stephen G Speakman