Campaigning to protect cash

It has been noticed that an alarming number of businesses are not accepting cash as a payment method and as a Civic Society we are very concerned. The loss of the facility to use cash discriminates against many older, disabled, vulnerable people and young children who do not have access to electronic currency. As well as shops, cafe’s and hospitals, heritage venues and museums risk turning visitors away if they cannot accept cash.

MCS Chairman, Steve Speakman, has been busily engaging in a campaign for the return of physical cash with various institutions. So far the following have agreed to a return to physical cash:

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • The Lowry
  • Whitworth Art Gallery
  • Stepping Hill Hospital
  • Manchester Museum

In a recent YouGov survey, a massive 73% of respondents felt that shops should be required by law to accept cash payments.* On speaking to customer facing staff at many businesses and organisations Steve Speakman received feedback that they too would prefer their customers had the option of paying by cash and unfortunately some had been subjected to anger and abuse when explaining the situation. Tameside resident K. Garner is so concerned about the possibility of a cashless society that she penned the following poem (and we are grateful to her for allowing us to use it here):

No Cash – No Choice
No Cash – No Voice

No Cash – No Freedom
No Cash – No Leadin’

No Cash – No Sharing
No Cash – No Bearing

No Cash – No Movement
No Cash – No Improvement

No Cash – No Soul
No Cash – Total Control

All of us should be wary of losing physical cash as it is a last bastion of privacy in the world of finance. Our campaign will continue and we will be in contact with local M.P.’s seeking support. As this is a national issue we hope to add our voice to many others up and down the country to help protect cash.

*YouGov Survey “Do you think shops should or should not be required by law to accept cash payments?” can be viewed at