Talk on Beauty in Architecture – 23rd February 2019

The Society thanks the School of Decorative Art for hosting our event.  After a fascinating talk on beauty in architecture we were enthralled by Steve Oxley’s demonstration of traditional signwriting, woodgraining and marbelling.  The results amazed our members and thanks to Steve’s vast experience and skill he made it look effortless.

The pictures below show Steve’s skills and the efforts of members Blanca and Oliver.

Steve Oxley demontrates the fine art of signwriting

A few practice strokes of the brush under Steve's guidance

Blanca paints the letter A

Oliver has a go at the letter H

Our member's efforts are on the bottom right - not bad for a first try

Steve demonstrates the art of woodgraining

Steve shows off his skills at marbelling

Steve Oxley with Chairman Steve Speakman


For more information on the School of Decorative art, visit the website below.

School of Decorative Art

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